The 2014 Variety Bash

Each state has thier own Variety Bash. The 'Bashers' as they are know travel all over their respective states raising money for sick and disadvataged children. Much of the actual bash itself is spent in the outback visiting remote communities. It's a great way to see places that one would otherwise probably never visit. There's not a lot of bituman to be seen as we tend to stay off the beaten track. It's a fantastic experience and while it's not for everyone we encourage you all to try it at least once! You are guranteed to make many life time friends and have a lot of laughs. On the serious side you will be touched with many heart warming stories. Even the toughest guys will be hard pressed not not feel like tearing up at least once on the journey. On the Bash you will see more than a little bit of skulduggery along the way as you will be travelling with some of the greatest Snidely Whiplashes and Dudley Do-rights ever assembled.


While the Bash usually only travels in the basher's own states, once every 5 years they all come together for a national Bash. This year is one of those years and not only that, it's Queensland's 25th Bash Anniversary! This year's Bash sees us starting in Brisbane on the 8th of August and we end up in Sydney on the 17th August. The places we will travel through include Millmerran, St George, Wandilla Station, Bourke, Cobar, Narromine, Dubbo and Bathurst to name a few.